Empowering Dietitians, Comforting Clients

Innovative saliva express test to monitor health and to get instant results on the go


How does it work

Use plate

Apply saliva to the plate
And wait for the indicator color to change

Take a photo

Take a photo of the plate using the IonTrack app

Get results

Get results of potassium, sodium, calcium and chloride content in your body

Do analysis

Monitor the client's progress directly through a mobile application

Why IonTrack

Innovative technology

Our test took 5 years to create, and we're working on getting it patented.

Health tracking

Allows early detection of disturbances in the functioning of the body

Simple process

Make a test quickly and easily wherever you are

Detailed interpretation

The obtained results are easy to interpret to human language

Affordable price

The piece of test costs $50 to do the initial screening